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Photon™ is our Windows & Linux GUI application, powered by DejaVuAI®, supporting:

  • Image / Index Dataset Creation (images + EXIF data if present) + Adding additional images to a dataset
  • Image Searching – Internal, external, or captured image searching
  • Batch Searching – Internal or external (directory) searching
  • Similarity group creation – internal or external source
  • Visual comparison with automatic alignment and partial transparency
  • Image registration (rotation angle, translation, shift, scale, mirror)
  • Exporting search results (JSON or CSV)
  • Saving / Loading previous search results

Image search results:

Confidence score (%); Multiple matches; Similarity Groups (reveals how groups of images are related to each other, with multiple levels of association); If present, EXIF Data, including GPS data and nearby geolocated images.


DejaVuAI® is our image / index-driven image search technology – an algorithmic image search technology that can be utilized locally or in a distributed environment.  It is 100% image-based searching – no keywords or metadata required. 

DejaVuAI® allows image-based searching regardless of:

  • Cropping (including irregular shapes)
  • Recoloring (including images taken with different sensors, like IR, thermal, and scientific scanners)
  • Blurring or Noise (Optical or filter applied)
  • Partial Obscuring
  • Skewing / Shearing / Scaling
  • Arbitrary rotation
  • Flipping / Mirroring
  • Natural or applied compression artifacts
  • Partially Transparent overlay

Image types supported:  Common images (png, jpeg, gif) and floating point image types (hdri, raw and exr). 

Environments supported:  Standard image volumes (any size), Volumetric, 3D, XR/VR/AR, and Lightstream.


Our specialized LogoReco™ app uses DéjàVuAI® under the hood to locate your brand whether it’s partially obscured, recolored, rotated, cropped, or otherwise distorted.

LogoReco™ works in the opposite way that Photon™ works, and also deals much better with sheared images and calculates the shear angle, in addition to rotation angle, scale and shift that Photon™ calculates as part of the search process.

Use LogoReco™  to find your brand or a slightly different version of it being used in online videos, social media, movies, and TV shows.


ProductReco™, powered by our DejaVuAI® technology, is groundbreaking in the world of product recognition.

Compare other types of expensive, time-consuming, and inaccurate product recognition systems to our simple, affordable, efficient and accurate two-step approach with ProductReco™:
1. Index reference images
2. Recognize products

ProductReco™ does not need an RFID tag to find the product. It also does not need a Neural Network or a Machine Learning solution. It takes literal minutes for us to train our model/index, and usually takes about 1 second to find the matches.

ProductReco™ is not limited to the number of products it can support.