Algorithm & Technology

Logo/ Branding Recognition

Would you like to see if your logo appears in still images in movies, TV shows, social media, or videos posted online? The image could be partial, skewed, or rotated and we can still find it. Even if it somewhat looks like yours, DéjàVuAI will match it.

Product Recognition

With our groundbreaking technology, you can identify products quickly and efficiently. We can even tell the difference between a bottled drink that is full, partial, or empty.

Reverse Image Search

Our algorithm works much faster than traditional methods for finding identical and similar images based on feature recognition (SIFT, etc.) and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML). We drastically reduce the amount of time, energy and cost required for image likeness or recognition for still or video images, regardless of cropping, arbitrary rotation, skewing, flipping, low resolution, partial obstructions, color distortions and more.


We can match blurred, rotated, and flipped photos. Add dim lighting, filters, severely cropped images and even more distortions. From these heavily altered photos we can easily match people, locations, artwork, vehicles- the possibilities are endless.