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DéjàVuAI® Now Supports Native Video Searching

We are opening up a new page for DéjàVuAI®– Direct video integration, without having to extract frames – saving you time, money and storage.

1.    From  NASA’s Psyche mission simulation video, you can find a small rock formation in their 3D rendering, and match it with other frames, even if it’s rotated.
2.    Using Andrew Hazelden‘s Nova Scotia drone footage, you can match rock formations, buildings… you name it.
3.    Then Borikua Tours in Puerto Rico, using their underwater and cave tour videos, we can find wildlife, rock formations, and more.
4.    Using Wind Walk Tours’ video of NYC’s downtown posted on YouTube, we can search any of the frames to find anything of interest.

Simple workflow is enabled, allowing you to drop the video file in for searching. The list of supported image and video types just keeps getting longer and longer, thanks to 1st1’s amazing engineering team. And think of this: you don’t have to use brute force or extensive neural network training to find things, just draw a box around what you want to look for, and we’ll find it.

We’d love to show you how this would work on your videos too. Contact us via email at and we’d love to find a time to show you how this amazing technology could be used.

We can help you find image likeness like never before.

KartaVision for Blackmagic Resolve/Fusion Plugin Launches January 2022

1st1 Technologies, LLP, and authorized Photon™ workflow solutions developer, Andrew Hazelden of Dover Studios, Inc., are pleased to announce that “KartaVision”, a DéjàVuAI® Photon™ licensed integration plugin, is entering a public beta testing phase on January 14, 2022.

The computer vision toolset is the product of 11 months of research and collaboration done with the help of 1st1 Technologies lead developers and staff. The KartaVision for Blackmagic Design Resolve/Fusion plugin builds a new layer of intuitive artist-friendly node-based image processing technology on top of DéjàVuAI®’s best-in-class, industry-leading reverse image search algorithms.

Never before have visual effects artists, video editors, photographers, filmmakers, content creators, and game designers had this type of exciting technology wired into their DCC tools at such a low level via the power of “data nodes”.

KartaVision was designed from the ground up to meet the exacting needs of the Media and Entertainment sector. Whether you are an artist working with standard film & TV media formats, 360VR immersive footage, volumetric 6DoF captured media, RGB LIDAR LASER scan point cloud datasets, multi-view lightfields, or ultra-high resolution game assets, KartaVision has your needs covered.

Fast, efficient, and customizable are the key attributes that make this new class of computer vision software a good fit for content creators of all types. KartaVision allows you to mix Photon™’s unrivaled power and versatility, with EXIF/IPTC metadata tag-based cascading search operators, LPeg expressions, and unified OpenCV and PyTorch image processing nodes for an unmatched set of tools that will take your media production efforts to new places.

KartaVision is optimized for distributed computing workflows. It ships with ready-to-use presets for tools like Amazon AWS Thinkbox’s Deadline render manager, PIXAR’s Tractor render manager, and SideFX Houdini’s TOPS (Task Operators)/PilotPDG technology. The KartaVision toolset can scale seamlessly from running on a single laptop system (via Photon™ Personal Server licensing), to running at scale with a roomful of workstations and rack-mounted render nodes that have super-powerful GPUs and CPUs.

For even larger deployments, Photon™ Enterprise Server can be run in your favorite cloud or VM environment, with on-demand and burstable scaling. This is essential when you need to search through millions of high-resolution medium-format images, image sequences, and movie files on a tight deadline.

Take your workflows to the next level in 2022 with the combined power of DéjàVuAI® Photon™ and KartaVision.

1st1 Technologies Awarded an AFWERX SBIR 21.2B Phase 1 Grant

Big news for 1st1 Technologies! We have been awarded an AFWERX SBIR 21.B Phase 1, exploring equiping the US warfighter with the unparalleled power of the DejaVuAI® technology in a variety of use-cases. Supporting the US DoD and all those in uniform is exciting for all of us at 1st1 Technologies, LLP (pronounced “First one”), and we are honored and blessed to be chosen for this SBIR endeavor with AFWERX.

At the same time, the AFWERX team is encouraging participants to demonstrate how this technology can be utilized in the American Industrial, Commercial, and Private marketplaces. As many of our partners know, we are looking at applications in copyright infringement, frictionless shopping, and autonomous navigation advancements.

Contact us at or to set up a demonstration.